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for $5,000 over 1 year
ANZ's Online Saver offers a base interest rates of 0.005 where interest is paid Monthly


Standard base interest rate TBA

Maximum rate TBA

Bonus rate TBA

Bonus expiry period n/a

Bonus minimum deposit n/a

Bonus maximum deposit $250,000

Bonus foregone by withdrawl Yes

Maximum interest per month (approx)$0

Total interest over term (approx)$0

Interest calculated Daily

Minimum opening deposit n/a

Interest paid Monthly

Linked accounts required Yes

Account fee $0.00



Joint access n/a

Online application Yes

Minimum age 18



ATM access No

EFTPOS facility No


Internet facility Yes

Phone facility Yes

Cheque facility No

Branch access No

Salary direct credit facility Yes




Data accurate as of18/01/2018


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Tips to compare other institutions savings accounts


A other institutions savings account is an account at a financial institution where the money deposited earns an interest rate. It is a secure place to store money while receiving a return. Usually, the account is linked to a primary transaction or cheque account, so that the user can easily transfer money between the accounts. Some other institutions savings accounts have debit card access. The interest for your account is usually calculated monthly.

Pros of a other institutions savings account:

  • Other institutions savings accounts are a safe investment
  • Other institutions savings accounts are covered under the Government Guarantee
  • Other institutions savings accounts are liquid and generally, you can withdraw your funds at any time

Cons of a other institutions savings account:

  • Other institutions savings accounts typically require you not to spend your money to avoid, voiding your interest earnings

What is the interest rate on a other institutions savings account?

Interest rates vary between less than 1% to just over 3%, depending on the type of other institutions savings account you get.

What’s the difference between a honeymoon and base interest rate?

A honeymoon or bonus interest rate is a promotional interest rate given to new customers to entice them to open a bank savings account, which is significantly higher than its standard base rate. These rates generally only last for three to six months before reverting to a lower, base interest rate.

A base interest rate is the standard interest rate that you will see after the honeymoon period is over (where applicable).

Compare and review Australia other institutions savings accounts

How to apply for a other institutions savings account?

If you’d like to apply other institutions for a other institutions savings account, just scroll up and click on “GO TO SITE” to be taken to a secure other institutions application form. Before you apply, be sure to learn about company’s savings account products, fees and eligibility criteria.

Give yourself around 20 minutes to complete the savings account application.

You will also need:

  • an Australian residential address
  • an Australian home address
  • Your company name and ABN or ACN
  • Accepted ID such as drivers licence and passport
  • For some savings accounts you will also need a linked transaction account
  • For some savings accounts you will need to deposit a minimum amount
  • Foreign tax residents will require a foreign tax number

Who can apply for a other institutions savings account?

  • You must be an Australian resident with an Australian residential and mailing address
  • You must be at least 18 years or over

Other institutions savings account calculator

Want to calculate how much you could potentially earn with your other institutions savings account? Just use the filter to change your deposit amounts to calculate approximate earnings. Your potential earnings are calculated and displayed in the table.

Other benefits included with other institutions savings accounts

Below is a list of features and benefits offered by other institutions. Note, the below features are not available with all accounts. Review the above product table to see which accounts offer which features:

  • Internet banking
  • Phone bank
  • ATM access
  • EFTPOS facility
  • Branch access
  • $0 account keeping fees

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