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Federal Budget 2022: Opinions from Business Owners

03.04.2022 With the recent federal budget released this week in the Australian market, we decided to share some key comments from Australian companies and break down some highlights from the budget.  Read more

How COVID-19 has impacted Australian financial habits

17.10.2021 The spending and borrowing habits of Australians nationally has drastically changed during Covid-19 lockdowns. Not only have Australians had to switch up their lifestyle but also have to consider their financial habits and how they spend their money significantly. Based on information from ClearScore’s yearly analysis, we can begin to understand how loan repayment trends, […] Read more

What happens if you miss a loan repayment?

12.08.2021 Missed a loan repayment or struggling to repay a loan? Find out what the consequences could be and what you can do for damage control. Check how late your loan payment is When you miss a repayment for your loan, the seriousness of the situation depends on how quickly you solve the issue. Once your […] Read more

5 simple ideas to help you keep track of your personal finances

11.07.2021 Your personal finances are ever-evolving, so you need a reliable way of tracking your income vs expenses. Here are some money tracking tips to help you stay on track with your financial goals. Take thorough inventory of all your finances Before you can figure out where you would like your money to go, you need […] Read more

What do I do if my loan application is rejected?

24.05.2021 Sure, getting your loan application rejected can be a downer. But most lenders review these applications by the book, and if they find something amiss, it’s nothing personal. Some lenders even use an automated system for this process.  So, whether it’s a personal loan, car loan, student loan, or any kind of loan, here’s how […] Read more