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Car and personal loans glossary for Australians

24.06.2024 A-E 4WD: Four-wheel drive for better off-road traction. AWD: All-wheel drive powers all wheels continuously. Account balance: The amount of money you have in your account. Annual fee: Yearly charge by the lender for loan administration. Appraisal: Estimate of a property’s value. Asset: Anything valuable owned by an individual. Bad debt: Uncollectible debt, worthless to […] Read more

Benefits of hiring a property investment loan broker

23.04.2023 Are you looking for extra income? Getting an investment property is an excellent way to do it. However, the investment loan process can be very complex and confusing to a novice investor. The endless paperwork and many numbers on it can easily overwhelm you. If you are on the fence because of this, we have […] Read more

How hring an organisational psychologist helps improve business morale

21.02.2023 Building a business comes with great effort and application of many ways to ensure lifelong success. It is no secret that employees are an organisation’s most valuable asset. That is because they play a significant role in ensuring business goals and operations are met accordingly. Thus, prioritising well-being in the workplace is essential to boost employee satisfaction and productivity efficiently. Read more

How to save money when you’re getting married

06.12.2022 Whilst the act of getting engaged breaks out all the happy vibes, once you have stopped showing off your new engagement ring to everyone, the reality of planning the wedding soon kicks in.  Read more

How to renovate your home on a budget

24.10.2022 When planning out a home renovation, the major bottleneck is often the steep financial obligation. From small jobs like painting the walls or re-caulking the tub, to bigger projects like a full kitchen remodel or a new room addition, homeowners can’t immediately tell the finances they’ll spend for the project. This can mean highly-variable swings […] Read more