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From 0.01 to 510,000 Bitcoins in 365 Days

19.02.2018 TL;DR I’m going to try and grow 0.01 worth of BTC by 5% per day for 365 days. Today is day one. Track progress here. Oh hai there As one of my favourite crypto YouTubers, Crypto Daily  says: (and I’m paraphrasing) “95% of day traders lose money, about 5% of traders make money, and only about 1% […] Read more

Differences between long and medium term loan as well as short term and payday loans

18.02.2018 Loans are useful and sometimes necessary facets of a healthy financial life. While the idea of willingly taking on debt can be scary, choosing the right loan for your needs can help you build your credit while purchasing items that would otherwise be out of reach. What is a loan? A loan is temporary transfer […] Read more

6 common money mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

06.12.2017 You work hard for the money (so hard for it honey). You work hard for money, so you better treat it right. Smart financial choices can be the difference between thriving and struggling to make ends meet. If you’re making one or all these money mistakes, your hard-earned cash might be slipping between the cracks. […] Read more

Top 5 Sydney Properties for First Home Buyers Under $500k – October 2017

05.10.2017 With investors taking a lot of interest in Sydney, finding a home can be quite easy. That is, if you’re not on a budget, which happens to be a very big IF. Those looking for something under $500,000 are in for a tough search within the housing market. Despite the increased listings, many of the […] Read more

9 tips for saving and getting approved for your first home loan

27.08.2017 So you’re going to buy a house. Congratulations! Buying a house is likely one of the most exciting steps in anyone’s life. It’s a wonderful accomplishment that is also a financially smart move. If this is your first time applying for a home loan, we’ve got a few tips for you to consider. Even though […] Read more