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Tips for getting your personal loan approved

05.06.2018 If you’re looking to take that long earned holiday, renovate or simply consolidate your debt, you might be considering a personal loan. Whatever the reason, it’s not loads of fun to get your application rejected. We’ve done the research for you and come up with 9 tips to help you get that application approval. 1. Check […] Read more

What is a term deposit and how does it work?

04.06.2018 A term deposit is a short or long term investment where your money is guaranteed a certain interest rate. A term deposit is the kind of account where you put your money into the account and leave it, short or long term, as you have arranged with the bank. You cannot touch the money for […] Read more

What are the risks if I cannot repay my loan?

03.06.2018 Anyone can experience financial hardships, often through unexpected events like illness, sudden death, divorce, and more. While it is always important to prioritise making payments for loans and credit cards on time, it is not always possible. No matter your situation, you do have remedial actions you can take. What happens if I cannot repay […] Read more

4 ways to make extra money without a career change

06.05.2018 It’s not uncommon for us 9-to-5 workers to grow tired of the monotony of the everyday “grind”. We day dream about quitting our job and heading off to a tropical island to enjoy our days in the sun, sipping cocktails. Of course, this is unrealistic, those margaritas don’t pay for themselves. Instead, many people consider […] Read more

7 tips for spending less money on clothes

23.04.2018 When you’re trying to save, it can be hard to resist the urge to do a bit of retail therapy. While clothes shopping can be fun and exciting, and fashion is a great way to express ourselves, it can be an expensive habit. Here’s how to save some money by spending less on clothes, without […] Read more