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Should you buy an electric car?

13.04.2021 Electric car sales are yet to top the charts in Australia. However, this will likely change as the technology catches on and the world becomes more green conscious.  According to an Australian Electric Vehicle Market Study, the number of EVs cruising the roads should match the abundance of internal combustion engine vehicles once cheaper models […] Read more

Tips to select the best budgeting software for your needs

18.03.2021 Recently, the process of budgeting has evolved from the pen, paper, and calculator combo to something more sophisticated due to the use of budgeting software or apps. Such software takes the basic process of budgeting up a notch making it easier and more convenient to take charge of your financial life. But with so many […] Read more

Trim your food bill: Top tips to eat better for less

03.03.2021 Many food movements have emerged over the years to help people eat better. There’s the slow food movement that encourages people to swap out fast food for locally grown sustainable produce. Locavores only eat products grown and produced in their vicinity. This could be a 50km or 100km radius or even much less, as Vicki […] Read more

How to pay off your credit card debt in 7 steps

15.02.2021 Credit cards are not the complete villains they are often painted out to be. After all, they can be great financial tools that come with bonuses, rewards points, cash backs, and credit building opportunities. But when a huge pile of credit card debt rears its ugly head, it can leave you struggling with unforgiving late […] Read more

The biggest prize money in Australian sports

11.02.2021 When it comes to prize money, Aussie sports offer some of the highest payouts in the world - whether it is horse racing at the Melbourne Cup, the Australian open (of golf or tennis) or even cycling and the Tour Down Under, Australia is host to some of the biggest sports with the highest prize offerings. Read more