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How to pay off your credit card debt in 7 steps

15.02.2021 Credit cards are not the complete villains they are often painted out to be. After all, they can be great financial tools that come with bonuses, rewards points, cash backs, and credit building opportunities. But when a huge pile of credit card debt rears its ugly head, it can leave you struggling with unforgiving late […] Read more

The biggest prize money in Australian sports

11.02.2021 When it comes to prize money, Aussie sports offer some of the highest payouts in the world - whether it is horse racing at the Melbourne Cup, the Australian open (of golf or tennis) or even cycling and the Tour Down Under, Australia is host to some of the biggest sports with the highest prize offerings. Read more

Personal Loans: Getting to Know the Different Types

11.12.2020 If you need cash, taking out a personal loan might be the answer. This type of loan can fund you with hundreds or thousands of dollars. Moreover, you are usually given one to five years (or even more) to pay back the loan in full. Personal loans usually don’t have any restrictions on how you […] Read more

Stinginess vs Frugality: Ditch one and embrace the other

09.12.2020 According to the gospel of personal finance, ‘saving money’ is the Holy Grail of financial independence. But once you embark on this path who’s to say you’re being frugal, not stingy? And what’s the difference between the two? Let’s take a closer look. Scrooge vs Gandhi If your determination to not part with money goes […] Read more

A guide to finding the best financial planner in Australia

09.12.2020 When it comes to managing your money, issues like dealing with surplus cash flow, making big investments, climbing the property ladder, planning for retirement, and more could be part of the mix. With such a tall order, you might be in the market for a financial planner who can step in, hold your hand, and […] Read more