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How do credit cards work?

16.06.2018 This is a guide to how credit cards work in Australia, helping you understand credit limits, annual fees, interest rates and repayments. Credit cards are a popular way to use credit for making daily or regular purchases. The money used to pay for goods or services when using your card is borrowed, so before the credit […] Read more

How to refinance a personal loan

16.06.2018 Refinancing a personal loan sounds complicated, but can be a great way to either consolidate your debt or cut down on your interest payments. Or both, which is great! Quite simply, refinancing means finding a loan that will cover the amount you have owing on your existing loan, but with lower fees and interest – […] Read more

What documents do I need to provide when applying for a personal loan?

15.06.2018 If you’ve compared personal loan deals, checked out all the details and figure you’re eligible for a personal loan, congratulations! You’re almost there! The next step to getting your personal loan approved, is to get your application together. This guide will hopefully tell you what documents and ID you’ll need so you can make a […] Read more

How to pay off your personal loan faster

13.06.2018 Personal loans are a great way to secure that major purchase, holiday or to handle an emergency. After you’ve having spending all that money, you need to start thinking about paying back your loan. Because interest payments can add up quickly, we’d all do well to pay off our personal loan sooner. So how to reduce […] Read more

Tips for getting your personal loan approved

05.06.2018 If you’re looking to take that long earned holiday, renovate or simply consolidate your debt, you might be considering a personal loan. Whatever the reason, it’s not loads of fun to get your application rejected. We’ve done the research for you and come up with 9 tips to help you get that application approval. 1. Check […] Read more