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Pros and cons of a term deposit

26.06.2018 Is a term deposit right for you? Chances are you’ve heard about term deposits as a way to make your money work for you. These uncomplicated financial products are deposits that can be made with a lender for a predetermined period of time. Usually spanning from 1 months to upwards of 5 years, term deposits offer […] Read more

9 credit cards mistakes to avoid

24.06.2018 Having a credit card can be incredibly convenient. It’s unbelievably easy to make payments without money in your account and you can earn frequent flyer points while doing it. So what’s the catch? We’ve put together a list of 9 common mistakes, traps and general fails so you can use your card in a smarter way. […] Read more

What is a credit card interest free period and how does it work?

23.06.2018 Interest free periods explained Interest free days are a feature of some Australian credit cards that allow cardholders to make interest-free purchases during a specific period. While a great way to cut down your interest payments, they require that you completely repay the outstanding balance on your credit card statement by the due date. So […] Read more

How do credit cards work?

16.06.2018 This is a guide to how credit cards work in Australia, helping you understand credit limits, annual fees, interest rates and repayments. Credit cards are a popular way to use credit for making daily or regular purchases. The money used to pay for goods or services when using your card is borrowed, so before the credit […] Read more

How to refinance a personal loan

16.06.2018 Refinancing a personal loan sounds complicated, but can be a great way to either consolidate your debt or cut down on your interest payments. Or both, which is great! Quite simply, refinancing means finding a loan that will cover the amount you have owing on your existing loan, but with lower fees and interest – […] Read more