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7 things to consider when buying your first car

Posted 21.08.2020
7 things to consider when buying your first car

Buying your first car is one of the biggest, most important choices you will ever make. Like many big firsts in life, it can be daunting, overwhelming and at times, you won’t know what you should be doing. Before you head out to the car dealer, here are seven tips to help you start forming a plan for this major purchase.

Do your research

This goes without saying for any big decision. Doing some research before you head out to a car dealership can save you a lot of time. Knowing what you’re looking for or what you want can help you and the car dealer narrow your needs down and help you find the right car.


Knowing your budget for a new or used car is another key aspect of buying a car. If you’re going for a used car, Grays Online has a pricing guide, and a selection of used cars you can peruse to get an idea of what is out there, and what is available, as well as the average price for a used car. Price will depend on a variety of things, and if you have a tight budget, a used car may be the best way to go.

New or Used

This one ties into budget. Once you’ve determined whether your budget covers new or used cars, look at Car Sales for further advice on hidden costs, or additional costs for new cars, as well as cars on the market, reviews and what models might work best for you. Keep in mind that your needs will always be different to the generic advice on theses websites, but this advice can always be applied to most needs and decisions. Used cars will be cheaper, but some of the perks of a new car may not be there.

Car Insurance

The Commonwealth Bank will give you good financial advice when it comes to buying a car.  You could be the best driver in the world, but because the roads and other drivers are incredibly unpredictable, and driving is one area where we can’t control everything that happens, CommBank advises getting car insurance. Remember to take these costs into consideration when buying your first car, as having car insurance can help when you have an accident or if your car is stolen or damaged.


Using websites such as Grays Online and Car Sales can help you compare prices, models, and everything you could ever need to know about your first car. It is important to do your research for every aspect, and a comparison can help you determine the best way forward for you and your first car. Many of these tips tie into each other, so there might be a lot of crossover with your research.


CommBank suggests getting your finances sorted before buying your first car as well. You can save–which can take time, but it means you’ll own your car outright and won’t have to pay back car loans if you borrow the money from a bank. This loan, something you can apply for once you turn eighteen, can be paid off in instalments.

CommBank suggests a third option, and one that comes into play if you’re employed. Some jobs provide a car lease program, known as a novated lease. This can finance a new or used car, with the repayments taken out of your salary, and can bundle many of the different costs related to owning a car in one.

Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash