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From 0.01 to 510,000 Bitcoins in 365 Days

Posted 19.02.2018
From 0.01 to 510,000 Bitcoins in 365 Days


I’m going to try and grow 0.01 worth of BTC by 5% per day for 365 days.

Today is day one.

Track progress here.

Oh hai there

As one of my favourite crypto YouTubers, Crypto Daily  says: (and I’m paraphrasing) “95% of day traders lose money, about 5% of traders make money, and only about 1% of traders make money consistently.”

Chances are I’m one of the 95%. But there’s only one way to be certain.

This evening, after playing cards with a mate of mine and having a chat about how is life going and the bags of shizzle coins we’re currently holding… I went home and had a shower. And as it always happens, your greatest ideas happen in the shower. “How hard is it to make 5% per day? There’s always some crypto that’s going up… and how much is 5% daily growth after one year, anyway?”.

Turns out that 5% per day compounded is pretty massive. 0.01 BTC at 5% daily growth is over 510,000 BTC after 365 days.

Do I think I’m going to make it?

No, the odds are definitely against me.

Why do it? Because of Moon Ladas, that’s why.

Moon lada, because Moon Lambo's are so 2017

Moon Lada, because Moon Lambos are so 2017

So what’s the strategy?

I’ve got none… So feel free to shill me your daily recommendation on Twitter (@DennisGraham7).

Also, it’s currently 2am as I’m writing this. I might try and formulate a better strategy tomorrow.

My only rule

Make a trade every single day. A bit arbitrary, but I’m not going to hold anything for more than a day (win or lose). Like a shark – I must keep moving forward. I’ll compare different crypto exchanges to find the right tokens and arb opportunities.

First trade

Since I want to get some sleep tonight, I just randomly bought 0.82315302 of NEO.

I will blog weekly to keep you updated, but you can always just bookmark my GSheet.

Until next time, I wish you all nothing but green days.