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4 ways to make extra money without a career change

Posted 06.05.2018
4 ways to make extra money without a career change

It’s not uncommon for us 9-to-5 workers to grow tired of the monotony of the everyday “grind”. We day dream about quitting our job and heading off to a tropical island to enjoy our days in the sun, sipping cocktails. Of course, this is unrealistic, those margaritas don’t pay for themselves. Instead, many people consider a career change in order to shake up their daily lives, but again, it’s not always realistic. It’s not always worth the time and effort that it may take.

However, there are ways you can change up your daily grind and make a bit of extra money without putting yourself through a testing career change or taking out a personal loan. Here’s 4 ways you can make extra money without learning a new profession.

Work remotely

Work remotely

Working remotely is quickly gaining popularity in many industries. The far-reaching webs of the Internet have made it possible for a range of occupations to be carried out from anywhere in the world. This means workers can work from wherever suits them, and companies can benefit from sourcing talent around the world while avoiding the costs associated with in-house teams.

Popular examples of people who work remotely are writers, designers, programmers, digital marketers and customer support agents. This is great especially for part time workers who want to find ways to earn extra money. Remote work has removed the need for part time workers to physically travel from job to job.

Become an independent care worker

Care worker

A major factor that causes people to consider a career change is stress in the workplace. If people feel worn out from a career they often feel like leaving. A 2016 Monash University survey found that 32% of Australia’s nurses and midwives considered leaving the profession with stress being a major contributor for the change. For such a specialised career, leaving the profession seems like a dramatic course of action.

Rather than undergoing a career change, people like nurses and carers can benefit from becoming an independent worker. In the past, working for one’s self was largely reserved for trades and more recently, tech jobs. Now, thanks to sites like Better Caring, nurses and support workers can work for themselves.

Platforms such as Better Caring allow workers to choose their rates, clients and the hours they work. Rather than changing careers, nurses can take the stress out of their career by working for themselves. Alternatively, those who want to make extra money can take on clients outside of their jobs.

Pick up extra jobs

Sharing economy

Picking up extra jobs is definitely not limited to nurses and care workers. The sharing economy has not only made it possible for people to earn money solely on their own, but it’s made it easier to earn money in addition to their main income.

Uber is now a prolific force world-wide, but there’s much more to the sharing economy than ride services. For example, massage therapists can deliver on-demand massages to people in their homes, offices and hotels with Blys.

Negotiate a pay rise

salary negotiation

The most conventional and well tested way for making more money without a career change, or picking up extra work, is to negotiate a pay rise. While many people will try to steer clear of such a conversation, negotiating a pay rise can bring about a well needed boost to your income.

How best to negotiate a pay rise has long been debated. There’s endless information on the subject, some of it is clichéd, some of it is contradictory and it can be confusing to know exactly how to go about such a conversation.

To begin with, you should have a clear idea of your market value and know exactly what you are asking for. Timing is also important and you should have clear evidence of your skills and why you deserve a rise.

While your day job may feel like a constant grind, and the stress of work may leave you feeling like you want to leave the industry all together, a career change can be hugely disruptive to your life. Instead, find ways to relieve the stress by working remotely, or becoming an independent care worker. This way you don’t need to learn anything new and you can continue earning money.