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How to Make Money with Your Smartphone 08.04.2018

A lot of us like to claim that money doesn’t play a big part in our lives, that we can enjoy the little things in life without the materialistic possessions the rest of society obsess over. However, in reality, everyone likes to make extra money when they can.  Like it or not, money is an essential part of everyday life.

A lot of us probably have a similar relationship with our smartphones. We like to think we would be ok without them, but we’re addicted to scrolling, liking and sharing, not to mention how easy it now is to communicate with anyone and everyone in a matter of seconds.

If only there was a way to combine the two and make money with your smartphone. Well, there’s actually multiple ways of doing so. Now you can feed your addiction of memes and YouTube videos, while earning cash.




For some, spare space can be hard to come by. For others, it can be hard to know what to do with the spare room that’s now empty because the kids have moved out. Or maybe you have a room that’s over crowded with stuff that you think you need, but really, you haven’t even set foot in the room this year!

Well, it’s time to turn that situation into some money. Clear out your spare room and list it on Spacer. Firstly, you might be able to make a quick buck selling your stuff, but by using Spacer you can create a regular, secondary income

Spacer is a community sharing marketplace for space. What’s a community sharing marketplace, you ask? Well in Spacer’s case, it’s a platform that allows the community to share their space. By listing your spare room, garage, shed or attic on Spacer, someone can rent it off you to use for storage.

The Volte

The Volte

The Volte

While we’re on the topic of community sharing, or the ‘sharing economy’, there’s a similar idea for those of you who love to buy expensive dresses for each and every event, only to let them collect dust in the back of your wardrobe once the event has passed.

The Volte adopts a similar approach to sharing as Spacer, but rather than space, it’s designer dresses, outfits and accessories. Do you have an expensive dress you wore once and now just feel guilty about each time you brush past it looking for an outfit? Well now you can strip some of the guilt away.

List your dress on The Volte and let other event-goers hire it. Now the dress is practically paying for itself, while someone gets a great dress for a fraction of the price.




For those who don’t have space, designer dresses, or simply can’t part with the stack of random stuff in the spare room, maybe you can boost your earnings by tapping into your creative side

With the invention of the internet, blogging soon became a popular medium and before long, people where selling advertising space, and paid memberships as a way to earn money from their sites.

Today, blogging is extremely popular. It’s estimated that there’s over 2 million blogs posted every day, on WordPress alone. WordPress is by far the most popular platform to build a site on. Powering over a quarter of all websites it’s clear that it’s simple for anyone to get started on.

But, is it still possible to make money from something that seems so over crowded? The short answer is yes. The world is hungry for content and a high-quality blog can make you money in a variety of ways.

While blogging is probably best done from a computer, there’s nothing stopping you busting out some engaging content from your smartphone.




The sharing economy and smartphones seem to go hand-in-hand. Parkhound is another community sharing platform, and this time, it’s all about parking.

If you catch the train, or head to events or simply head to a popular city on a Sunday, you’ll know how much of a nightmare parking can be. If you live near one of these areas, and have a spare driveway or parking space, you are in luck.

List your spot on Parkhound, and you can have someone paying to use your driveway in no time.

Learn to Trade



Ok, maybe blogging or sharing your stuff isn’t really your cup of tea. Maybe you’re looking to make money through some strategizing and calculated risks.

Forex trading and smartphones have revolutionised the way of trading. Now, instead of being on the trading floor or stuck in front of a computer, you can trade anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a good internet connection.

Granted, learning to trade will take some time, but with the right attitude and coaches you can soon begin trading Forex and potentially make money right from your smartphone.

There’s many ways you can make money with your smartphone. You might have to share things, get creative or invest some time and effort, but with some clever planning you can make the time you spend on your phone worthwhile.

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